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              PRODUCTS SERIES

              Wall Detector
              Handheld laser distance meter
              Infrared thermometer
              Laser distance meter sensor
              Operating Video


              WHY CHOOSE US

              Fashion appearance, strong and durable, patented technology, trustworthy

              The world's leading R & D technology

              Ever since its founding,our laser distance meter product already has invention international patent since . Our professional R & D team continues to innovate, and has 6 independent patents. Our Patented technology make the laser distance meter more quickly and more accurately.

              Fashion and durable product design

              Doby combined with today's leading laser measure technology, waterproof, dustproof design philosophy and sealing technology, successfully developed the highest level of protection handheld laser range finder, waterproof, dust, non slip, anti fall, compression.

              Leading light technology

              Doby combines the consumer electronics lighter, thinner fashion design concept, use high integration circuit design and quality materials, successful launch a ultra light, ultra small, stylish and easy to use products.

              CONTACT US

              Add: 6th Floor,Building B,Qiaode Science Park,Rd 7,west area of High-tech Park,Guangming New District,Shenzhen,China


              Email: sales2@doby.com.cn
              Website: www.xymk62.cn